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The reward for organisations catering for an ageing population is huge. Silver Futures can help you capitalise on this opportunity.

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Sandra is a star at unlocking people's potential, and she does it through a mashup of product-led thinking and working agile to build better products.

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Sandra Davey Advisor

Liz is a whizz at marketing, communications and philanthropy honed via three decades of leadership experience in prestigious arts organisations.

Liz Nield Advisor


Demographics are changing. There is a massive opportunity to welcome the new consumer who remains vitally connected for much longer and whose life stages are not so easily defined.

Silver Futures can help you design, build, deliver and market generationally inclusive products and services that meet a new consumer – one that is healthier, educated, and younger for longer.

New consumer

By 2050 there will be 2 billion people over 60, exceeding the number of children under 15 for the first time in human history. The Ageing population is an opportunity for your business! Silver Futures can provide insights, research and consulting services to ensure your organisation best caters to this growing market.

New opportunity

Don’t let your organisation be left behind! Put strategies in place to maximise the opportunities the silver consumer represents. Silver Futures can help organisations adjust to this evolution in the consumer marketplace and maximise your share of the silver dollar.

New life stage

The more well-educated, affluent and tech-savvy consumer is reinventing what it means to be older. We can advise you on how best products, services, and distribution channels need to change to meet the aspirations and needs of silver consumers.

Silver Workplaces

Demographic shifts are transforming workplaces. Silver Futures can advise organisations on how to shape a culture that attracts and retains the best people – no matter their age.

Organisations need to ensure their ongoing productivity and sustainability or be left behind. You want people who contribute; contribution does not stop at a specific age.  Those who know they are trusted and valued and given the opportunity to continually replenish their skills will continue to make the greatest contribution to your organisation.

Everyone is different

Silver Futures can help organisations respond to the individual. Individuals are the lifeblood of your workforce. Silver Futures can help you develop individual responses such as personalised mid-career reviews, job upskilling, training, coaching and career planning.
Associate Professor Alysia Blackham is an internationally renowned expert on age discrimination law and the consequences of ageing for workplaces.

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Alysia Blackham Advisor

Review and Rejuvenate

We can audit the status quo in your organisation, mapping the age and generational dynamic and providing a snapshot of your workplace’s readiness to embrace employee longevity.

There is no one better to call on than Louise if you are eager to understand the relationshoip between productivity, well-being and resilience at work.

Louise Rolland Advisor

Retain the best People

We can review the recruitment pipeline, identify the pressure points of securing talented people to identify the needed improvements and help you accelerate your approach to flexibility, benefits, and incentives to ensure you develop your employee value and development proposition to attract and retain people who contribute.


Shaping the workplaces and communities of the future by helping people live and work with purpose and contribute to their fullest enabled through facilitated workshops.
Philip is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Warwick University, and his gentle, collaborative style has seen him called on to guide and advise on the implications of workforce ageing around the world.

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Philip Taylor Advisor


Silver Futures can offer training and coaching efforts to assist leaders in feeling more confident to have the conversations they need to have with those they lead.


The Australian Silver Futures Agetech Startup Map 2023 is a snapshot of the agetech startups addressing the needs of older people.

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VR experiences

People Tech Revolution, led by Silver Futures advisors Leonie Sanderson and Simon Lowe, create virtual reality solutions designed with older people, not for them.

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Tech-Enabled Futures

Much of our longevity and behaviour change is primarily a result of the leaps we have made in medicine, science and technology.

It is changing how we work, live and play. Utilising technologies can bring about the accessibility, affordability and personalisation needed in healthcare and retain our autonomy and independence as we grow older. We want to champion those exemplary innovators helping individuals and organisations address our future needs.


Silver Futures is passionate about creating a silvertech ecosystem connecting entrepreneurs, researchers, government, investors and industry to grow and scale innovations poised to meet the unique demands of an ageing population. Please join AgeTech Australia on LinkedIn, join the SilverFutures Slack and the Silver Futures mailing list

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Enabling Silver Futures

If you seek innovative solutions to meet the needs of older people in their workplaces, communities, homes or care, the Silver Futures platform can provide detailed evaluations of your options.

Rachel is passionate about the tech, innovation and research-led insights that can help us find better futures for our future selves.

Rachel Slattery Advisor

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