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Are you ready for the opportunity that awaits?

We can claim better futures for our older selves by reimagining who we can be.

Silver Futures is dedicated to showing how everyone can claim better futures for their future selves.

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The world is turning silver.

How people work, play and live is changing.

It is time to rethink ageing. We are ageing very differently from our parents and grandparents. People are working longer, staying healthier and are more educated, tech-savvy and affluent than ever before.

Technology provides an array of opportunities for our older lives – including longer and more flexible career paths. We need organisations to cultivate age-inclusive organisations which attract, care and retain valued people.

How can we age better? Our futures are built on the advances we have made in medicine and technology to personalise our healthcare and extend our healthspan. We need to shine a light on the breakthrough technologies and innovations that will help us crack the knack of ageing!

The future is Silver – are you ready?


Silver Futures exists to unlock the potential of our older selves. We recognise that how we age is complex and to optimise the silver futures of all requires fundamental shifts in government policy, health systems and the mindset of most individuals. We believe the work we do at Silver Futures can nudge positive change around work and purpose and also the uptake of technology and innovation for us as we age.

Silver Futures advises, guides and convenes people and organisations to reimagine how we grow old. We bring together researchers, experts, innovators and curious minds to recreate how we can all live longer, healthier, contributing lives.

The Silver Futures’ Australian Agetech Map is a useful resource for anyone interested in knowing more about the innovations addressing the needs of older people being built in Australia’s backyard. More about the Agetech start-up and investment scene in Australia can be found here on the blog.

We are standing on the edge of a truly exciting frontier – no other generation in history has had the privilege of such potential for their silver futures!

Silver Futures is dedicated to showing how everyone can claim better futures for their future selves.

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“In fewer than 100 years, human beings made greater gains in life expectancy than the preceding 50 centuries.”

The Longevity Revolution: The Benefits and Challenges of Living a Long Life

“To add to the richness, complexity and individuation of the ageing experience, as we age, we are the culmination of all the ages we have ever been. This allows us to experience all of our ages at once. You will forever be the sixteen-year-old, the thirty-five-year-old and the current version of you.”

Tracey Gendron, 2022
Ageism Unmasked

“For the first time in human history, there are now more people in the world over the age of sixty-four than under the age of five … The fact that so many people are getting to experience old age, and doing so in better health, is one of society’s greatest achievements. It’s also an extraordinary opportunity to rethink what it means to grow old.”

Dr Becca Levy, 2022
Breaking the Age Code


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Australia’s Neurotech Future

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Living longer requires a whole new way of working, living and being. We need to redesign, reinvent and recreate to unlock the opportunities of our Silver Futures.

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Understanding the demographic evolution underway

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Better Work

Cultivating humane and productive organisations

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Game-changing tech, innovation and research for our future selves

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