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August 21, 2023
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Silver Futures is a platform dedicated to gathering and promoting all those finding ways for us to claim better futures for our future selves.

Silver Futures is excited to partner with The Purpose Xchange to help people in midlife transition with purpose and confidence into their next stage. The Purpose Xchange is a UK-based social enterprise that delivers online workshops and events to help people develop purposeful plans that align with their work and life. 

Silver Futures is passionate about shining a light on people and initiatives that can help us unlock the potential of our future selves. The UK-based social enterprise, The Purpose Xchange was founded in 2021 by South African doctor and social entrepreneur Jonathan Collie; Deb Gale, an American gerontologist and Julia Randell-Khan an English lawyer turned encore careerist. They share a common vision: of a world led by purpose, where people are empowered to live their best lives possible throughout their 100-year lives. Their discoveries around purpose and intergenerational cohesion are the basis for their purpose programme to help people in midlife understand their value and create new inspired futures for themselves, in work and life.

In the past year alone they have delivered more than 50 workshops with hundreds of over-45-year-old workers from 12 major corporations in the UK to help people take stock of their lives and to illuminate their future paths.

The Purpose Xchange are offering three 90-minute live Zoom workshops over three consecutive Tuesday evenings in October 2023, kicking off at 6pm AEST.  Participants are emailed workbooks in advance of the workshops.

Identity – who you are and what matters most

6pm AEST, Tuesday 17 October, 2023

Cost: £45 [BOOK]  

Here we invite you on a journey of self-discovery. How are you, really? What matters most to you? What is your social as well as economic value? This workshop is exclusively about you.

Intent – the vision of your future self

6pm AEST, Tuesday 24 October, 2023

Cost: £45 [BOOK]

Here we move forward in time. Workshop 1 was more about the past and the present, now we look to the future. What does your ideal future self look like? Are you prepared to make the changes you think are necessary? What barriers stand in your way, and how may you lower them? This workshop builds your confidence and anticipation for your future.

Action – the plan to live & work purposefully

6pm AEST, Tuesday 31 October, 2023 

Cost: £45 [BOOK]

This is the doing part! This workshop will help you create positive change in your life (big or small) to live and work with greater meaning, fulfilment and enjoyment. You may love planning and goal setting, prefer making small incremental changes, or even decide that a change in attitude or behavioural adjustment is all that’s needed. We cater to all action preferences, helping you convert purpose into action and positive change.

The Purpose Xchange runs Monthly Xchanges which are all about Reflection. These online informal gatherings are free to workshop participants. After attending your first workshop, you will be invited to participate in the Monthly Xchanges. Here you will meet other Purpose Xchange members from around the world. You will get to share and discuss your purposeful progress in small Purpose Pod discussion groups. Guest speakers and other powerful storytellers are invited to impart their wisdom and provide extra inspiration.